• isasurfingFellipe Lima (@fkizu) grew up practicing extreme sports in his city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He became an accomplished surfer and skater, which led him to travel abroad to countries like Australia and the USA.
    When Fellipe was 18 his life drastically changed. After a long day at school, he went to hang out with some friends where he dozed off and fell 3 meters off a balcony. He fractured three lumbar vertebrae and was rendered paraplegic.
    Fellipe persevered through his injury and worked hard to continue practicing the sports he loves. He discovered Adaptive Surfing, which gave him new hope and opportunity. Last year Fellipe was crowned World Champion in the Upright Division at the inaugural ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship. He's coming back this year for the 2nd annual event to represent his country of Brazil. #InspiredSurfers
    Catch the live webcast Dec 9-11 on www.isaworlds.com.
    #ISAworlds #theuncommonthread @stancesocks @visslasurf @fernandoaguerre

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