Complex cover story out now!!!
  • sofiarichieComplex cover story out now!!!

  • bichuchili@selenanaagomez selena gomez has no talent and u seem to be forgetting that she also dated bieber and for waaaaay longer than sofia and that their relationship was highly publicized and that gave selena tons of attention lol. shes not talented at all. and this isnt me hating her... i honestly think shes talentless. go stan camila cabello or ariana or something. those girls are pretty but also talented!
  • selenanaagomez@bichuchili @avsqteimporta jahahhahah... U r jealous baby .. I can't help .. I have more work to do .. I can't sit and write a paragraph here... And if u hate Selena keep it with u .. don't try to spread u r hate .. and haters are gonna hate anyways.. u ppl don't have any better work .. and it's u r opinion u like someone or not.. assholes shut u r ass and mind u r own business .. HATERS!!!
  • mindless_vibess@nwlphiaa 😂😂😭what did see dooo
  • ellendrew67@jay_oliveir4
  • hseymour1996lol Selena didn't use Justin for attention Selena had a career before jelena even became a thing how is Selena even relevant to this whole Sofia Richie and Justin bieber bullshit? 🤔
  • hseymour1996Sofia hacked Justin's Instagram we all know after years of being together Justin would never disrespect Selena the way he supposingly did during the time he spent with Sofia if I were you I wouldn't judge before actually knowing what really happened.
  • stefani.gunnarsen🐍🐍🐍🐍
  • jelena_biemez22The Snake looks adorable than @sofiarichie
  • moonlight.dary@jelena_biemez22 lol true
  • attackofselenatorsSofia i neinite fr 🐍🐍🐍🐍
  • audsooomeeeAtlast! You've found your long lost twin😛
  • anisaanm_TWINS
  • a_.165🐍🐍🐍🐍
  • sofiarichiespainVery sexy😍🔥
  • evandriatasyaHAHAHA MATCH AS F 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
  • _iambieberswife_Ewww
  • meanantonellasperavo ti pungesse
  • meanantonellahihihi
  • nicolas_bernal_leongomezWow
  • estradashaneeBesssssssss
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