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  • aetvGet them out. Don't miss @leahremini: #ScientologyTheAftermath, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

  • mehgan.behrendsI'm looking everywhere on Foxtel for this...is it airing in Australia??? Please tell me that it is 😩
  • aetv@mehgan.behrends Thank you for being a fan! This page only has information relevant to the US & Canada. Please check your local listings.
  • vida__miaaScientology is Freaken sick!!! That poor man spent TWO YEARS in the "hole". WTF
  • vida__miaaIf David Miscaviage will be beat the crap out of any of his worshipers in front of people.... can you imagine what he does to his wife behind closed doors.
  • vida__miaaDavid Misgaviage's probably beat his wife so bad that she couldn't attend Tom Cruise wedding. #DavidMisgaviage #Psychopath #Scientology #corruption #Abuse
  • hotalenjHis wife is probably dead. That man is an animal. And now I'm probably on the Scientology watch list 🙃
  • jona.spahiu@bjordimezini
  • johnnyohio614He probably beat her then she wanted to split and well we all know she can't do that because she knows WAAAAAAAAAAY to much so he killed her . I've been saying that for the last 4 years
  • victorya1913@aetv God bless Leah! I really want to watch this so bad but I don't have cable 🙁. Will it be available on Netflix, Hulu, etc?? Please tell me it will!!
  • aetv@victorya1913 We're not sure when episodes will be available on Netflix or Hulu. Thanks for being a fan and catch up online while you wait. http://aetv.us/2gX8E2w
  • meutod2What an amazing job @aetv , this series has me on the edge of my seat each week.
  • mama_diggy@__diggy__ cray
  • gingerbread992Wow don't stop tell this story
  • gingerbread992Definitely a cult turning people in for talking or asking questions. Trying to keep control
  • smashingbeauty💓💓💓
  • vida__miaaHas anyone seen that old movie American Psycho? The lead character reminds me of David Miscavaige
  • parastu@jfr_
  • amlinster@amyastrom
  • brownieyogaThank you AE for airing this!!!!!! It is so needed!!
  • brownieyoga@meghan.behrends I watched it from Istanbul!! I got a VPN on my laptop (cactus VPN gives you 24 hours free) and I binged watched it in 24 hours!! The AE website has the full episodes online!
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