Love my picture with Jensen Ackles! #SPNsf #Supernatural
  • dommalcolmLove my picture with Jensen Ackles! #SPNsf #Supernatural

  • pequena_nineraThanks for sharing it with us.
  • dpapaliaIs this real? Super jealous!
  • dommalcolm@dpapalia Yes, I'm at the San Francisco Supernatural convention this weekend. Cost $149 to get the photo, but totally worth it. XD
  • dpapaliaYep I'd pay that and then some! Lucky thing. You look fab too. I swear you've gotten younger! And such a jet setter. You must have had some amazing experiences living in Asia and now the US
  • dommalcolm@dpapalia Well the convention cost more on top of that (I paid close to $400 for the whole weekend so I could have the same seat, and that was the cheapest dedicated seat price, but definitely worth it considering how close I was, which you can kinda tell if you look at my pics on Facebook). As for looking younger... Heh, well, I always had a baby face. I look back at old pics and see how much younger I looked in those. But yeah, I've definitely had some amazing experiences living in Malaysia and now here.
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