Every night I take a picture of a drawing in progress. This one is called "Goddammit, Ferris  Mewler."
  • thebloggessEvery night I take a picture of a drawing in progress. This one is called "Goddammit, Ferris Mewler."

  • jenntrimpeYes, gorgeous!
  • alandre😂😂😂
  • createyourownmythWe had a cat we called 'Cuba, goddammit'😂
  • colettenicole11I have similar pictures called "For F**ks Sake Phoebe!" and "You Better Not Be Comin' From The Litter Box Mona!"
  • trishpsjYour helper is back with his stamp of approval!
  • snarkierthanyouDoes he always have his back legs like that? I found out my cat was diabetic when I looked into why she was walking oddly... 🤔
  • simplykelly918Lol start putting finger paint on Ferris Mewlers paws. Let him go crazy. Bet you could sell his eclectic cat paintings! Especially to crazy cat ladies like ME.
  • phyllisheagneyDo you use a Rapidograph refill pen or something disposable in your drawings?
  • phyllisheagneyIt's wonderful. I forgot to add that.
  • simplykelly918@thebloggess PLEASE tell me ALL of your lines are straight...because you're using a ruler? Not free hand. Cause I would have wasted so much time erasing & erasing ANY line that felt even a little off. #OCDIssues
  • cait.cats.and.booksHe knows that cats are popular on Instagram. He's just trying to help!
  • thompsmo802I wish I could love this more than once.
  • mt_busa_ryder😂😂😂
  • jennytdesignsI laugh out loud about the things you write more than anything. I used to wake up my hubs reading your first book in bed.
  • cuezoo2I love it! Especially with the kitty paws!
  • osuzizzleLove the name!
  • thebloggessI used fine point sharpies on this one. I don't use a ruler. I can see all the waviness of doing it freehand but I'm getting better at it. I still can't draw perfect circles without a stencil though.
  • tonilmillsYou should do a drawing of cat paw prints, then it'll look like they're an intentional part of the pic
  • skendallj@thebloggess I think the waviness gives it more depth, kind of a three dimensional thing.. using a ruler would take the soul out of it
  • winterdastardly"Ferris Mewller" OMFG @gajeweler
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