This morning I woke up early to the sounds of the church bells next door. A new city, a new country was beckoning to be explored!

I woke up my boyfriend and went downstairs for breakfast: watermelon and tea for me; noodles and eggs for him. 
We packed our bags and ventured out into the streets, around a lake to the Opera House through the French Quarter and the Vietnamese Women's Museum displaying how kick-ass the women of this country are. 
We stopped on the side of the road for noodles, squatting in the middle of the street with the locals while we ate, and then picked up half a kilo of jackfruit which we devoured while we walked on to Lenin Park and the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. 
We stopped for a green tea break in a fancy cafe and were served tiny green bean cakes that I am now completely obsessed with (so obsessed I'm planning to buy a whole box of them). Off we went to see the archeological excavations of The Forbidden City in the city citadel and the Truan Guac Pagoda, through crazy, windy streets and smiling toothless locals,  grinning at us as we saunter past in awe and wonder. 
This is the first time in a long time that I thought "I could live here". The wildness of Hanoi has entirely enchanted me.
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