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  • truthorangeNon-smokers earn 20% more cash than smokers. More cash, more diamonds. Like maybe a double black diamond? Hello holiday ski trip.

  • home_refresh_servicesThis is cool :)
  • dank_hill.420.v2@truthorange that wage gap commercial is so stupid. Do you know what the wage gap actually is? It's about women being paid less than men for their hard work, and you just took the term and appropriated it for your own use.
  • sara.sable@kim.marten don't smoke and you'll have more money
  • byshipandsea@dank_hill.420.v2 triggered much. The wage gap doesnt exsist, stop looking for a reason to make yourself a victim and grow the fuck up. Maybe you should smoke as many cigarettes as possible until you develop actual cancer to match your personality.
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