Sexy #Whole30 street tacos, y'all! 🌮👍🏾 #nomnomnom
  • bonnie.gillespieSexy #Whole30 street tacos, y'all! 🌮👍🏾 #nomnomnom

  • jessica.watkinI'm on day 9! What did you use for the "shell"? They look yummy 🌮🌮
  • bonnie.gillespie@jessica.watkin I'm not currently in a round, so I'm using a SWYPO cassava coconut tortilla. If I were in a round, the lettuce would be the wrap! 💪🏽💃🏽
  • rosalietensethYeaassssss
  • bonnie.gillespie@jessica.watkin How's your program going this week? @rosalietenseth Getting excited?
  • jessica.watkin@bonnie.gillespie I'm on day 11... Was really craving popcorn yesterday when I saw a movie 😩 but I'm staying strong! Meal prep has been a life saver. Thanks for asking ! Snacking on veggies now 😀
  • rosalietensethI am realizing how much I really have to plan no doubt bcs right now when I'm not eating a whole 30 compliant thing it's bcs I either don't have it on hand and ready to go or I have an excuse to celebrate 🎉 or unwind 🍷so at least I know what I have to have in line to make this be successful come jan 1. Reading book in spare moments.
  • bonnie.gillespie@jessica.watkin Isn't it fascinating to learn what triggers exist? I took snow peas and bell pepper into the movie theater so I could have a crunchy snack. No, it's not the same, but it worked!
  • bonnie.gillespie@rosalietenseth So good to identify the patterns in what gets you off course even before you've started officially. You're gonna do great because you're gonna have such a good gameplan in place!!
  • rosalietensethThank you @bonnie.gillespie #truth. 😍❤️😍
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