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  • xuhulkWatching a Xiamen crowd mosh (or POGO, as it's known here) to a Wuhan punk band's cover (with a bagpipe!!) of Bob Marley's Redemption Song was one of the more surreal moments on this trip. The band, SMZB (生命之饼 or "Flatbread of Life") is on a 20th anniversary tour; they're one of the older punk bands in China and are now scattered throughout Changsha, Wuhan, and Beijing. "We can only put out one record every two years because it's hard to get together to practice!" explained the lead singer during the show. #cxinchina

  • yu_whoWHAAAAAT
  • fascinatedexcellent!
  • harperreedThis is wonderful
  • arrkay6😍
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