• sterlingcrispinThe laser etched top in my sculpture is a still image from the anime Akira, a young child is revived from the dead and destroys Neo-Tokyo

  • th3n04hWicked. really enriches this piece for me 🔋🔮👽☀♻💡💦
  • miranda_pharisThat is NOT what happens in Akira.
  • miranda_pharis💜this amazing though
  • sterlingcrispin@airport_xxvii a black hole appears in the Olympic center and the city's destroyed...
  • miranda_pharisI mean Akira, or #28, is awakened by Tetsuo's psychic vibrations and breaks through the cryogenic freezer-he's not brought back from the dead. I was just meaning it to be a stupid moot point because the piece is so good and to nitpick would be...anyway har. Very nice very favorite.
  • sterlingcrispin@airport_xvii for sure, I was just trying to paraphrase. But in the anime Akira (not sure about the manga) , Akira is dead, his body reduced to organs cryogenically frozen that reassemble themselves
  • ekun___Beautiful
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