• chriscruisesToday at Noon Eastern time, there is a #TravelSkills Twitter chat going on that is brining back some wonderful holiday memories.
    I had all but lost my holiday spirit before traveling to Europe for a Christmas Markets cruise with Viking River Cruises a few years ago.
    I have to tell you, there is nothing quite like a the aroma of sausages being grilled, hot mulled Ghluwein and other holiday treats filling the air. It’s a solid travel choice to be sure but one that can bring back child-like wonder at a time when the world might need a bit of that.

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  • glengilmoreGreat photo! 👍
  • chriscruisesThanks Glen!
  • mada_fotoSuper 😃
  • golfkitchenGreat photography!!!!
  • saraconleyMemories! I miss the Christmas markets so much.
  • johnnyjetAgreed! Thanks for joining today!
  • chriscruisesI am going to grill sausages for lunch in Florida even though I know they will not be nearly as wonderful as if at a Christmas market!
  • giuseppecerroSweet!
  • zuneraserenaCool!
  • hellohongkongtoursVery nice! 😃
  • omochileroQue lindas fotos, poderia olhar as nossas também? ☺
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