If anyone is interested, I am selling my 2015 Harley Breakout that I won on The Ultimate Fighter 20 "A Champion Will be Crowned". Brand new (bc of my shoulder surgery), purchase price was $19,799. Going with highest bid OBO. It's very unfortunate that I am selling this bike not because I want to, but because I HAVE to in order to make ends meet. After having a year off from shoulder surgery (injury obtained at UFC 185), taking a short notice fight, and then 8 months since that fight, I literally have enough in my bank account to pay for 2 more months of bills. I need to fight and have been asking for a fight for so long, multiple times a week. I know I can make my run again but I also know that after being off for so long that I'm not ready to fight a title contention fight right away and all I'm being offered is the #1 contender (whom I've accepted and been scheduled to fight 2x in the past). I'm 100% down for that fight. I just asked for just one non-title contention fight with an actual camp after having so much time off from injury and the result is being benched for 8 months and still no word of a fight, not even a whisper. I'm at a loss of what to do. When I make my run, my intention is to WIN not because I'm being forced to when I'm not ready. Just frustrated and sad :( if anyone is interested in buying my Harley or knows someone that might please contact me at carlakristen1010@gmail.com