• statedeptSecretary Kerry shares a laugh with @franciscus after a one-on-one meeting this morning in the Papal Apartments at the #Vatican in #VaticanCity.
    #popefrancis #pontifex #pope

  • dmckeown101Is that you John...
  • del_fimCatholic goals
  • rmoney214@ramoni907
  • tatiananiang❤️❤️ @emily_liuzzo
  • goloveyourself1111Kerry said, "Father pray for us sinners. Pray the Lord gives Donald Trump the strength of a lion, wisdom of a sage, compassion of a loving mother and mercy of a saint." They look at each other and bust out laughing.
  • wondermilf❤️🙏🏻
  • cassieb2247@derrickbatta
  • lindakennedy71619FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE. ..A tenant of 3 major Religions Muslim Jewish Christian. ..Amen
  • martin8726v#pope#Earthbeast of Revelation...you forgot to add this.
  • brendanphall@kimberly_segura Your dream team
  • martin8726vHow can a mere human being who was created under the mercies and favor of God,start to exalt himself to be God...that's the greatest sin ever in history and it deserves severe punishment...The state of overflowing pride is the devils work...It's pride that caused the arch-angel Lucifer to be deported from heaven very early in the morning with uncountable slashes at his back...There's only one way to survive in this World...live under the command and canopy of heavenly creator...I wish any Mongolian could get this message...Imagine almost the whole population of Chinese trait and Asians continent don't know God...This masses will give Jesus Christ a hard time to destroy them,this Mongolians were implanted with false beliefs and doctrines,they usually bow down and worship some old fashioned crafted stone that stores water in the caves....So remember this you nonbelievers from America,''pride is satanic"...Never forget that God did not make the Devil_Lucifer only became the devil when he arrogantly became infatuated with himself.Yes,Lucifer is a created being like any other human,for your information...Don't be duped with some fun images of Halloween that Lucifer is so ugly like the current Donald Trump...Lucifer was created perfect with God and was very beautiful,intelligent and gifted,so because of his own beauty and brightness,He was no longer was willing to be subservient to the Creator .Staggering pride was to blame for the tragedy in Heaven...Amen.
  • ilyafoshoGreat picture 👌🏽
  • pantsuit.nationI'm Still with her! 🇺🇸
  • marioalbrecht👍🙂
  • mojtabaziaeianیا حجی
  • rubi_eMr. Kerry your speech agent israel .is more personal hate to our p.m bibi.
  • rubi_eWe can't wait you leave Jan 20.you should be ashame.the only democrat state in the middle east.
  • andth2016@statedept I'm catholic this pictures insulting
  • davoud_antGreat memory.
  • matteomeggia@michelamarini80 lui è John Kerry, Segretario di Stato degli Stati Uniti. La sua predecessore è @hillaryclinton
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