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  • leehsienloongI was pleased to open the Asian Civilisations Museum’s (@acm_sg) new exhibition “Cities and Kings: Ancient Treasures from Myanmar” with Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi yesterday evening.
    Many of the beautiful and historic pieces on display have been loaned from Myanmar. This is the first time some of the artefacts have travelled outside Myanmar, so we are very fortunate to have them here. The exhibition is on until 5 March 2017. Do visit when you have the time, and you can also catch the other exhibitions on display at the ACM too. – LHL (PMO Video by Chiez How and Alex Qiu)

  • lujx02Flfc Glhf
  • enghweeyeo😄😄 很棒。謝謝龍兄分享。
  • junomarvelousI'm proud that these artefacts will be on display. Hope that business and communication between Singapore and Myanmar will become better. Thank you Mr. Lee.😊
  • limyihxiIs it free for Singaporean students? Hehe 🙂
  • johnliao@tikamarshall
  • alvina_14Wanted to catch a glimpse of Mdm Aung San Suu Kyi but no chance 😅 definitely going down to see this amazing exhibition! #asean #aseanstrongertogether
  • yoh.tinThanks for sharing this video, Mr.Lee. It's surely nice artefacts from Myanmar.
  • seokhoonlimThank you for this sharing. Yes, will go to visit the exhibition. Hope more trading coming to Singapore to blossom our economic.
  • yvonnesinstagram@instagramjessica @jsl20 I can go!!
  • myatthu0027Thank you Mr.lee for joining the exhibition opening.
  • w1ll_9rac3Thank You for Sharing this Great Event
  • winniebatmanThis looks interesting @exmj_
  • drinkboleroI gladly take a look when coming back to Singapore
  • drinkboleroThank you Mr. Lee for sharing.
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