In the words of First Aid Kit, "The winter winds are coming in, and I'm already missing the summer." All the leaves have officially fallen from the trees in my neighborhood, which I always take as the signifier for the arrival of winter. The garden is mostly gutted save for a few cold hardy plants like beets, turnips, cabbage, and brussel sprouts, and my feathered ladies (🐔) are foraging in it all winter to keep the weeds down and the compost level of the soil high. It's a little depressing to go out there this time of year and not be surrounded by giant plants and fruits, but at least my chickens always run towards me excitedly (they know I always come with treats in hand) and their giant feathered bodies wobbling rapidly on their little stick-like legs looks so cute and ridiculous that it helps make up for it. 💕🐓💕 #thehomesteadlife
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