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  • 4everbrandy#tbt --- I couldn't and still can't believe this. I haven't held a trophy in so long and I don't remember feeling like an entire stadium of people and peers were genuinely happy and rooting for me. I wish I had better words to describe what my heart felt this night. This was so beautiful for my daughter to see me in this kind of light. I am deeply thankful... Never give up on yourself. Never give up on your dreams... they are memories from the future.
    #GodInMeAsMe #LadyOfSoul 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

  • professor_freeWe love you Brandy! You were our first Cinderella and Black barbie doll. Your real fans will never forget your beauty and talent.
  • laysha_lashI love you B ❤️🌹👑
  • acute_kashewOmg...I just saw your performance and it was amazing. You're a true talent and you're vocal ability in this industry tho recognized is still underrecognized for the gem it is. I saw you in Chicago and you were phenomenal and this performance equally as phenomenal. Thank You for letting us grow up on your music. I'm sure your songs will still transcend eras to come . Congratsees!!
  • thatswandawomanI'm just watching your performance. You deserve that award and so many more. How many women can put on a good show without the gems on display? Thank you for keeping it classy and talented. Sincerely. ❤
  • myjoyangelThe last sentence in your caption gave me chills. Thats the best phrase I've read in a while .. "Never give up on your dreams.. they are memories from the future."
  • lakesides4lifeI love u B... Congrats
  • sakura24everI watched your performance. You deserve the lady of soul award. Sincerely. ❤
  • momobuddaphlyGirl u so bomb! U deserve a billion awards!!!!
  • douneshaLove you B!
  • misssummere❤❤❤
  • therecanonlyb1keiYayyyyyyyyyyyy Bran!!! Dont make me cry again!!! ❤
  • undreareddBrandy looking great
  • justme10470Love your voice! You sing better than Monica any day!!
  • s.mills_tylerLove you B Rocks
  • s.mills_tylerI grew up with you. Your music told my story so perfectly. Love you and I pray to be your background singer someday..I practically know all your songs by heart...Oh and I meant B Rocka..lol
  • gracie2532Comment touched my soul & Your dedication to music is heartfelt & forever moving...please keep us forever entertained...you r truely forever...applause
  • mathyouwhatI love you so much bran .
  • jayy.freshzLuv you
  • kamylyonBrandy! I've always been team Brandy 🤘!!!!!
  • doriseyindaI love you BRANDY......
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