• polyesterzine🌟✨ "I like confrontational and slightly awkward and weird people that have never really felt beautiful in the way we’re supposed to. I’ve always said what I did was for ugly people, and I don’t think they’re ugly but that the world thinks they’re ugly. Well they can fuck off, and we can decorate and paint ourselves in whatever way we want. I don’t mean we all have to walk around in pastel, fluffy things. I think that’s still most people’s idea of me and what I did, but I don’t think it was ever only that. But it can be that.

    We can be girls and we don’t have to be upset about it. The rest of the world needs to adjust itself to us, and not the other way around." 🌟✨ @edwardmeadham on his new project, Blue Roses, which launches today at @doverstreetmarketlondon 💙 Our full interview with edward is live on the site now - link in bio 🌻✨

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