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  • davekellettHow a Sheldon Gets Made

  • dcorsettoI wiiiiish I liked inking on a light box!! I trace with light pencil, but I still ink on my drawing board. This was a rad little series, thanks for sharing it!!
  • jerrysamsKiller production value... sweet edits!
  • tomversationI have ur book How to Make Webcomics. U even drew a little picture in it & signed it. I learned all about drawing digitally from it, but u dont. Why print out the pencil sketches? Why not just draw it digitally on the Cintiq without all the scanning, etc?
  • chrishallbeckNo more electric eraser!
  • davekellett@dcorsetto Thanks, D!
  • davekellett@jerrysams Over 700 hours of editing :)
  • davekellett@markliebrecht DRIVE is 100% digital!
  • davekellett@chrishallbeck Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well!
  • davekellett@tomversation DRIVE is all-digital, but I still enjoy the look and feel and style of ink-on-paper with Sheldon. Also, it allows for orig art sales.
  • comixrussJust caught up with this today... great stuff. I confess I've switched to full digital, but this gives me ideas!
  • p.j.dayDigital, analog, digital. Interesting method.
  • ijuicehophey @davekellet I just ordered a print of this from your website...it will adorn my wall of creative eye candy for inspiration :)
  • ericyoungartReally cool!
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