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  • momwithaprepWhy we aren't using homemade detergent anymore and how I stock.

  • jeffsheldon75Been using it for 6 years now. Will never go back to store bought
  • momwithaprep@jeffsheldon75 We had been for a long time until this washer. Just can't justify replacing a washer over detergent.
  • jeffsheldon75Have never had a washer quite because of the detergent!!!
  • momwithaprep@jeffsheldon75 It didn't quit...just wasn't getting our clothes clean. We used the powdered version because I never cared for the liquid version, and we were having trouble eith it in rhis machine. The time is was taking me to soak it and make it work wasn't worth the trouble for me, so I switxhed back for the time being. I stock up when it is at its lowest price.
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