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  • footwearnews@badgalriri is here at the Footwear News Achievement Awards to accept the Shoe of the Year award for the #fentyxpuma Creeper! #FNAA30 #oscarsofshoes #fnevents @lightboxer

  • ohbitchthequeen@rudman_rules if you listened to her speech she gave him credit.
  • rudmuffin@rihpacback I didn't listen. Wasn't trashing her either. Psycho.
  • ohbitchthequeenWell, you should listen and do research ( it's out there) before asking questions.
  • ohbitchthequeen@rudman_rules
  • rudmuffin@rihpacback. You're so dense. My question did not concern Rihanna. My questioned concerned whether Puma had hired the designer from Mr Completely or some of that nature. I guess you just don't know anything about Rihanna's fashion influences
  • rudmuffin*something
  • xpink_floydx#Rihanna ❤️❤️❤️
  • vanillestilettosSo beautiful ❤️️😍❤️️
  • bossapprovedSo beautiful! I'm SHOOKT!
  • rihanna.perfectionQueen 😍👑
  • rihannaasbossMy ❤ @badgalriri
  • amberxsmit😍😍
  • queenfentyxBeauty😍😍
  • rihannadailystyleWe're so proud @badgalriri!
  • powerihfulHer smile😻😻
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  • nznshimbariMy queen👑
  • bossmovesmami@rudman_rules @rihpacback If you'd searched further on here, you would've seen many pics of both Mr. Completely and her friend (who introduced him to her) on the red carpet of the event. From the Creeper's inception, Rihanna has both mentioned his name as the designer she collaborated with for the shoe as well as him being her go-to person for customizing many of her shoes (not just PUMAs) for years now (way before her contract with PUMA). Rihanna made sure to not only mention his name publicly for acknowledgement but to also make sure he was there, with her, for a physical acknowledgement for his involvement in the creation of the shoe. If YOU know anything about Rihanna's fashion, you'd know that her brand (FENTY) is a separate entity from PUMA and she has her OWN design team that works on her branded products for the company. Mr. Completely is a part of that team! When Rihanna leaves PUMA, he may still do work on her FENTY brand that will likely launch soon after. One thing about Rihanna, you can ALWAYS count on her to give her collaborators PUBLIC credit for their contributions to artistry in her name. This is something she has ALWAYS done!
  • rudmuffin@bossmovesmami shhhhh
  • readynow217@bossmovesmami yes. Love her she don't front. She deserves her Grammy to. They also want to shit. Her. But everyone knows she is killing it in the streets. Riri. Songs I all over the radio. An her number one hits. But they want to give it to Beyonce. love her to but really . It's Riri year. People know it but scared to said it.
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