• stevenmbjonesBeautifully put. ✊🏻💔
  • tatianabravo26@hannahjcohen @meredithemma I stand by these words forever
  • tracim_nhttp://www.theroot.com/blog/the-grapevine/this-app-will-help-you-boycott-trump-companies-and-supporters/
  • leeshaa20@neeexx
  • laguerachistosa@cassafrassaaa
  • namelsteWhat hustle? She grew up with a platinum spoon every step of the way!
  • paparock1hope you don't listen to hip hop or watch television or go on the Internet. oh wait...
  • arnoldfriend6@paparock1 But why not institutionalize misogyny at the HIGHEST level? And why stop there? Let's also have institutionalize fascism! Oh wait....
  • gamerlindaWell that is why I no longer listen to rap music. Becuase of all the demeaning words. When rappers demean one woman they demean us all. It's really disgusting some of those lyrics are.
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