Escalante, Utah Pothole. These are giant eroded holes in the rocks and many have their own isolated landscape or ecosystem. Very fascinating!  This is a reprocess. I think this is the hardest image I have ever processed. I just did not have the skill to do it adequately at the initial time, and I am not so sure that I have it now, lol. The difficulty comes from the wildly colorful sky (with bands of color and brightness, all the airglow, and all the clouds.

I did several short panoramas over the pothole, and I did another 10-12 photos all from the same spot and with the same exposure factors. I was waiting for the clouds to clear, which they never did.

I went back and pieced together the parts of the MW without clouds from the various frames. I “borrowed” parts of the MW and sky from the other photos I took at the same spot. 
The wild air glow makes it hard to know just what the sky is supposed to look like. I just left it alone and increased contrast. Last time I made the sky very blue to decrease the inhomogeneity. Anyway, this is the new result. You may like it better or or not. The initial photo is earlier in my gallery. This is more true to the real appearance of the sky.  Cheers, Wayne.
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