• clairesfootstepsSo here's the entrance to the beautiful place I call home now. There's a kitchen, toilets and communal seating area, and the tents lay beyond.
    There's about 200 of us here at any one time. Some people just come for a few days, others a few weeks and some have been here months or even years!

    If you take a walk around this place, you'll understand how so many get stuck here. So many people are extraordinarily talented - there's always people jamming with guitars or someone singing - and it's the perfect place to pick up a new skill, like juggling or hula hooping.

    There's always someone to hug and chat to and the whole campsite has a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere. I'm feeling super blessed to have the chance to live in such a wonderful place ❀🌏 I'm definitely in a bit of a bubble at the moment, but I'm very content to be stuck here!

  • holliedaydiariesOh hi there πŸ’—
  • wanderingchocoboI'm a hula hooper! Sounds like a fun, loving place!
  • spendlifetravelingThat sounds great!
  • girlastrayWhat a cool hippie place :) hula hooping sounds fun!
  • dailyadventuresofmeI would be nice to be in a happy bubble!
  • theblondemademoiselleThis looks lovely!
  • willfulandwildheartedWhat a lovely bubble to live in!
  • thetravellintomIf it's a happy bubble, then it's a good bubble!
  • jojacksfamilytravelWhat an amazing spot!
  • katechkadotcomSounds like a great place to make new contacts!
  • maketimetoseetheworldI love that Byron has such a great nomadic community!
  • soyviajerablogthat sounds great to me 😁
  • thefulltimetouristThat sounds amazing to me! When I was living in residence during my first year of uni, there were 3 guys that would always jam on guitar, bass and vocals outside my dorm room and it was so nice to hear! This sounds like my kind of place!!
  • weegypsygirlSo glad you're part of such an awesome community out there! Xxxx
  • ennnimmIt sounds like a community! enjoy your time!
  • lilwanderluststoriesWow this is such a beautiful place I wanna come visit!!
  • tarahairbeautyπŸ‘Œ love it!!
  • itsmichelleserraSuch a pretty pic
  • cristianprieto.filmmakerπŸ‘Œ
  • nailsbyhelenlouiseI stayed at the arts factory lodge over 20yrs ago 😳 it hasn't changed. Byron is one of my most favourite places in the world! Enjoy πŸ’œ
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