• treechangedollsThese little Tree Change Dolls are part of my last group available for this year! I will be taking a bit of a break from the dolls after that - expecting my second baby soon!
    These dolls and others will be available in my Etsy shop (www.treechangedolls.etsy.com) on Wed 7th December at 10pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.
    These four dolls are also part of Etsy's #makeforgood campaign, with 20% of sale price going to @plan_australia to improve the lives of girls worldwide. #treechangedolls #etsy #planaustralia

  • itsmamarizCongratulations and blessings to your growing family!!! ❤️
  • treechangedolls@tanya_cooper Thanks Tanya!
  • ecolosophyLovely news - enjoy 👏🏽
  • soumyaadasYour's creativity inspired me a lot .I wish I can able to get 1.
  • quelineclothI love these dolls so so much!! ♥️♥️ can't imagine ever buying kids the sexy-child-dolls of the past. Like. Ever.
  • anthiarallisWarmest congratulations - what a joy another little one will bring ❤️️❤️️
  • russianchikWishing you a lovely break with your real dolls. 😍 I really admire your work/ art.
  • bulut_rengindeCongratulations ❤️❤️
  • mancixiFelicidades.
  • diehard4dbacksOh congratulations!!! You look so lovely!!
  • ddmngCongratulations ☺
  • kerry4650Good luck and congrats. Xx
  • churrobabyCongrats!! You look beautiful!! Happy 'labor' day 💕💙
  • darlenecukerYou glow! Congratulations!
  • saturntearI am so happy that people like you bring new persons to the world. 💜
  • treechangedollsThanks so much everyone for all your lovely messages!
  • lughnasalunaCongrats !
  • kristel_sillasooCongratulations!!!🚼🍼🌹
  • katiesinghofen.art@treechangedolls Congratulations 🎉
  • lusinenaljayanOmg second child wow congrats dear I'm very happy:)
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