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  • authordanbrownWhat was your favorite scene in #InfernoMovie?

  • raymondreginaThe whole movie was shit
  • aishamerveALL OF SCENE
  • busramalkocAll
  • busramalkocScenes
  • socastro22Cuando se dispersa el virus. Ah nooo para. NO LA PUSIERON!! 😈
  • 495josueThe part when the virus is released and mankind is saved. Oh wait; that didn't happen in the movie.
  • leoqezoth@495josue LOL 😂😂😂
  • leoqezothThe part where Sienna Brooks runs through people and put your blond hair out of her head... And she doesn't die... But that didn't happen in movie...
  • emlukesI'll tell you my least favorite scene. THE ENDING. Why did they rewrite it???
  • nmvphotographsThe ending of the book
  • de_spoi_na@authordanbrown The part where professor Langdon and Sienna find the miniature image projector with a version of Botticelli's ''Map of Hell'' and try to explain the symbolism! ☺
  • nifigarikWhen the screen turning off
  • adelanioliveiraThe book is better than movie
  • lorette79When Dr Sinskey said to Robert: life has its mysteries... or life is a mystery something like that...
  • nanddacarvalho_That scene that didnt happened
  • zarinakhtarNot a damn scene. Book was better than the movie
  • lito_licciardelloCambiaron el final con respecto al libro.
  • azwir.dheazkiBook is better , but I like the scene when zobrist explain the bactery on glass especially when he said " its 11.59 now "
  • allanandaThe red lake in Turkey scene, but why you let they changed the ending?
  • danielam111Wow, it's hard to answer at this question. There are so many scenes in Inferno that I love... and I'll think about to this question; still the scene that I love the most it is that one in which Robert and Elizabeth talk about what they feels one for the other. 💕
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