In good company, Kaepernick!
  • bleacherreportIn good company, Kaepernick!

  • jbone26🖕 That guy
  • miamidolphins17Doesn't matter, he lost the game
  • chad_langeStill lost though
  • j_chambers8L
  • branden_uusitaloEwe
  • bmizneroAnd Kanye for not voting
  • _elliotthwaite_57L
  • pat_la_flareThere's all black where the white qbs that rush
  • number81monster@charleslovesjessica I don't think you read my comment thoroughly. I said they had good defenses but lost to even better defenses. Cowboys back then we're a power house. Couldn't be done about that
  • charleslovesjessica@number81monster ok. I don't think the ravens had a good defense when they beat the 49ers. The broncos had them beat in the playoffs if that DB keeps the WR in front of him.
  • number81monster@charleslovesjessica ray Lewis, Ed Reed, a rookie CJ Mosley and a great D-Line with Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dummervil (I think that's when he was with the Ravens he might've still been with the broncos) but that defense was great. That's why they got to the SB. Like I said Defense wins championships that's why these great QB's didn't win a SB played great defenses
  • aquenzGreat record this year
  • tjaythepoetBird Gang
  • charleslovesjessica@number81monster I'm not saying they didn't have great players. But great defenses don't give up points like that. You didn't see that ravens team that won it the first time give up points. You didn't see the 85 bears giving up points like that. Those were great defenses.
  • wificubanothats great but how many Super bowls do thoae great guys have.
  • thutchins_@dave_jefcoat why they gotta put his name in the same sentence as mariota 😑
  • krashlifeThe white man don't want him to win any games
  • mjcrouch81Nice record, Kap! Keep up the media exposure they still love u.
  • afreel@phil053 @davestating - there's hope for us!!!!
  • roanie__rootsIf he's the only one on the team putting up good numbers and they still aren't winning then maybe it isn't him. 🤔🤔
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