Happy Sunday, friends! #hfoldhousemadenew
  • honeyandfitzHappy Sunday, friends! #hfoldhousemadenew

  • honeyandfitz@mrsmasterson I love that look but wasn't feeling that kind of high contrast for my interiors
  • designfreakI bet all your neighbors are dying to see what you've done on the inside.
  • mrsmastersonI understand and your windows do look beautiful in white! I am struggling right now with whether or not to do black exterior windows. We are definitely doing a White House. I love the photos I am seeing but to me it's bold. I also love the interior sashes black. I guess I could make a final decision on the interior when the windows are in. Love your Instagram posts!
  • honeyandfitz@mrsmasterson if you can swing it is is SO WORTH it to have the inside sashes painted st the factory. You'll have t to decide sooner (like when you order the windows) but the finish is 1000x better than when painted on site
  • kathleen_sv@honeyandfitz just wanted to say your house is so beautiful but also the most important thing about you is that you are kind. I love how when people ask you design questions you answer them and are just so nice! Happy Holidays
  • kmc62574Would love to see your entire kitchen!! Looks amazing!!!
  • marthaandashLoving that paper towel holder cubby!
  • stephaniekrausdesignsSo good girl!
  • mr_wilson_and_meLove!
  • honeyandfitz#brightwhitewednesday
  • nicolefeig@honeyandfitz where are these lights from? Gorgeous!
  • kmc62574Can you share the source for your faucet and lighting above window in this photo? Thank you!!
  • lindsaympageHow long is the "rod" that runs from the backplate to the ball on these lights? Trying to determine how much space i need to mount them above my bookshelves but below our crown. Would love to have them at a 45 degree angle .... @honeyandfitz Gorgeous work!
  • honeyandfitz@lindsaympage download the spec sheet from circa?
  • lindsaympageThanks @honeyandfitz ! I did that this morning and it's still sort of unclear. I'm guessing it's around 14 but hard to tell.
  • honeyandfitz@lindsaympage I'll measure when I get home!
  • lindsaympageThat would be so helpful! Thanks a million @honeyandfitz
  • honeyandfitz@lindsaympage it is 15 from the front of the back plate to the end of the ball joint
  • lindsaympageThank you SO much @honeyandfitz !!!
  • zacholzapfel@k8beasley
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