Our full Black Friday deal list: http://bit.ly/2g7wFDR
  • wetaworkshopOur full Black Friday deal list: http://bit.ly/2g7wFDR

  • josheeisme453I luv ur movies
  • josheeisme453Did u guys help with central intelligence
  • _scylla_and_charybdis@wetaworkshop I was going to order the art prints, but you were charging me for shipping for EACH print. That's a ripoff. It ended up being like 52 dollars shipping.
  • brok_of_valaraukaroh my frack i need this mr taylor
  • bradbjcProbably the most generous company I've bought collectibles off. Love your work guys
  • mirkwood_daggi@_scylla_and_charybdis 52$ ? My shipping costs 137 Euro! And no cheaper way possible. I canceld my order... 😭😭😭 😠
  • bartlett_joshuaI find it ridiculous that there are even any Balrogs left at this price. I've already bought two, come on people these Balrogs need homes!
  • batamusI want Krampus bell, if I preorder when would I receive it? Thanks! @wetaworkshop
  • maddi.igWhen I grow up I want to work here soooo bad! Or the Jim Henson company and a puppeteer😂😊
  • rilezmusic😻
  • before_valhallaBeen a while since anything was posted. ^^ give us something
  • benmikhaNice pic 🙌📸
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