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  • carolxann#bingata mini-clip series #3: Kuma-dori, application of gradient contrast

    There are some rules - a kind of Japanese color theory, if you will - about what colors are allowed to be applied on top of each other. In this portion a gradient color is applied: they can be of the same color family (like with this cat), or a total contrast. Care needs to be taken when applying to ensure a smooth gradient; the brush type helps, but having good technique is essential to make it look pretty 😍

    After everything dries, the rice paste will be washed off so the excess color will rinse away - leaving you with a clean image!

    Demonstration by the super talented @beniwakana at #hyperjapan

    #紅型 #型染め #アルチザン #katazome #artisan #beniwakana

  • beniwakanaきゃー本当にありがとう❤素敵な動画とご紹介に感涙だよ!!😍✨
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