• happygreyluckyI’ve been tagged by some lovely mamas (@my2to4 @nikkiandal @krisztina__1 @thepinkdumpling) to share 10 facts about myself for @ig.motherhood. Here goes…
    1. I was born in Germany, moved to Canada when I was 6, moved back to Germany when I was pregnant with Isabelle + moved back to Canada when I was pregnant with Nicolas.
    2. My hubby and I got engaged only 9 months after we met (but took almost 2 years to get married). We’ve been married 5 1/2 years.
    3. I like making lists more than actually crossing things off my lists.
    4. My house might look like it’s clean all the time based on these little squares, but it’s pretty much only ever the room slash corner that is being photographed that so happens to be clean. And yes, sometimes I throw everything to the other side of the room just so my shot is clean. Mess gives me anxiety and I don’t want it documented forever. 😜
    5. I have a bachelor in computer science and a masters in gaming. 🤓 #girlnerd
    6. I have two sisters. My younger sister @lisadengler taught me everything I know about the crazy world of Insta-blogging.
    7. I got my first SLR 9 years ago and I had it stolen on a cycling trip through Ireland less than a year later. 😭
    8. I’ve been to 25 countries and want to double that number by the time I reach 50. I get major wanderlust if I haven’t travelled anywhere in a couple of months. Doing a year-long world trip is on my bucket list!
    9. I taught myself how to play piano. The first song I learned was “Für Elise” because I’m crazy like that. 😂
    10. I wish they still made good, sappy romantic comedies like they did in the 90s and 00s. Why must everything be superhero or sci fi or stupid funny these days?
    If you’re still reading after that novel, here’s a giant virtual hug for you: 🤗 #yourethebest
    I tagged 10 lovely mama friends to share their 10 facts for #iam_ig_motherhood. No pressure tho!
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  • happygreylucky@jackie.kinstler thanks haha! I like to surprise people with that fact 😁
  • jana.cioskovaYou are the sweetest 😘😘😘😘
  • krisztina__1Loved loved reading this I am with you on most but specially 4. 😆
  • henleyandhadleyI love that you're a girlnerd 🙌❤️
  • lexieloolilyliamdylantooLoved learning more about you!
  • bumbleandbeestudioEnjoyed reading this Sina!
  • kristina_marija_@happygreylucky thank you, dear! Stefan has arrived 2 weeks ago. Marta is doing good, holding a bit of distance, but otherwise is a caring big sister! We have one more year until school (2020) if Marta starts it in Estonia. Ahh, yes, I hope we manage to make some longer trip before school too, your experience would be inspiring! :)
  • blissfullyinsaneblogA masters in gaming??!! That is awesome
  • happygreylucky@kristina_marija_ only two weeks ago, wow! hope you and little Stefan are doing well as well :) - I'm sure Marta will be back to her old self soon - it took Isabelle a few weeks as well. How's Italy?
  • happygreylucky@jana.cioskova @sbatista182 @bumbleandbeestudio 💛💛💛
  • happygreylucky@krisztina__1 @youmeandleo @thepinkdumpling haha ladies, insta squares are just meant to be clean, right? 😁
  • happygreylucky@stellarizeyourlife @myloveandbeyond we need to start a hollywood petition for better rom coms again! 😁
  • happygreylucky@blissfullyinsaneblog thanks mama! :)
  • happygreylucky@pocketfulofacorns haha that was my second song too! 🙈😂 - I definitely don't play very often anymore either. Something to do with this parenting gig 😏
  • happygreylucky@tess_onesmallact 😘😘
  • eliseknowlesI loved reading these 😍 and number 2 is pretty much my hubby and I, although we've been married 10 years now. Year long world trip is our dream, pull the kids out of school and go exploring, how amazing would that be 🙌🏻
  • happygreylucky@eliseknowles it would be SOOOO amazing! let's hope we both manage to do it one of these years!
  • karyn.nashNew to your feed and loving it! ❤️
  • mercer7officialLoved reading this x
  • snlenzWhat kind of camera do you use now??
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