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  • ohsheglowsEeeee, I’ve got some BIG app news to share with you today! If you love cookies and 50% off sales, then read on. 😎 If you saw my Instagram story or blog post the other day, you may have heard some of the news already. For starters, we’re hard at work on an Android version of our popular iOS recipe app. I’m so excited as I know many of you have been eager for an Android version. It’s lookin’ straight up gorgeous! We’re hoping to have the Android version ready for December or early January (official date TBA). And we’d like to celebrate! For a limited time, our iOS app will be 50% off worldwide...and that fantastic deal starts TODAY (see the direct link in my profile). Once we launch the Android version, it, too, will be on sale—we’ll let you know as soon as it’s live. Last but not least, I made you a free Cookie Lover’s app bundle as a special thank you for supporting The Oh She Glows Recipe App. The app bundle includes 4 totally new vegan cookie recipes and a steamer to sip on while you bake your heart out. These recipes are only found in the app (and yes, this bundle will be in the Android version once it's out). I can attest to eating about 645 cookies over the past couple months. ;) YUM. Simply click on the bundles page of the app and unlock your free cookie bundle...it’s like magic!

    Whew...that’s a lot of news. Clear as mud? To recap: New Android app coming soon (date TBA), 50% off app sale, and a free cookie app bundle! What more could you want? 😂 I hope you’re as excited as we are. I can’t thank you enough for your helpful feedback on our iOS app. Your excitement, suggestions, reviews, and feedback mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to make it better and better. Cheers to YOU! 🍸🍵🍾#ohsheglows #blackfridaysale #plantbased #vegan #ohsheglowsapp

    PS—a big thanks to Eric for putting together this sweet video! Be sure to turn the music on...I think it's my fave part. I'm picturing the Grinch creeping around stealing cookies, lol.

  • mysoulteaLovely 💚
  • class.with.ms.a@trishamanda732 😍
  • mnelschwannThanks @lisadkramer 👍🏼
  • hummusapienBought a couple days ago!
  • newyorkpilates👍🏻
  • bigkidcoloring😍😍😍
  • pure_ellaYay!! I can't wait to check it out!! 💖👌🏼😋💃🏻❤️
  • beascalzoCookies de noel !!! @townandcountrystyle
  • annalise726I made the almond blizzard cookies... they are AMAZING! Perfect texture, great almond flavor. I'll definitely make them again for Christmas parties and such!! 🎄
  • ssuchoffJust downloaded the App! So excited to explore and start baking. The Cookie Bundle isn't working @ohsheglows. Can you please advise?
  • diana_svendsenHI @ohsheglow & Angela. I am a Guidance Counsellor in Burlington, ON. We are holding a Career Fair on March 29 and we are looking for a keynote speaker. Can you reach out at @lbpguidance ?
  • thechangeboxLove this!
  • strongbodygreenplanetNice one! 👍💚💕
  • sunshine0614@okaayyshea She is vegan, she makes cookies, and LOTS of delicious food. Follow her! ❤️😉😍
  • okaayysheaThanks @sunshine0614 💕
  • evieelee@robxo12
  • eeinparThe app bundle isn't working. I clicked to purchase and it said unavailable.
  • kimcastleWow, thanks for your generosity. Just downloaded. Beautiful and OSG yumm!
  • stelliciouslifeJust bought it! Wow, the photos and new cookie recipes look stunning! Can't wait to try them! :-D
  • ritalane11@ohsheglows every time I make the almond blizzards the come out flat....they don't stay cute and round. Any tips or what am I doing wrong 😔 they are still yummy!
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