• rainforestalliance@felipemesafoto for @rainforestalliance: Amazon region of #Colombia.
    See how beautiful and peaceful this scenery is? It has strong healing powers and it shares its vital attributes with us: the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat. Will it be there tomorrow? Tough question!
    Every single action or decision we make has an impact on nature. I encourage everyone to be conscious about every action you make today, track down how it may affect Mother Earth. Think about the food you eat, for instance. Is it produced in the other side of the World? Are harmful chemicals for the land, the water and other species being use to produce it? is it heavily packed? Is it wrapped in plastic? Is the beef you´re eating grown in pastures that were created by cutting down rainforests? Is the fish your eating in a critical state of conservation? How responsable are the companies you´re buying products from? I´m an environmentalist, I believe in sustainable development, I love nature, I love animals, and when I asked myself these questions long time ago, I realized I was making part of the destruction I hated so much! Therefore, I had to be coherent and make wise decisions, and I became vegetarian and then vegan. I stopped buying products from companies that pollute, deplete water sources, cut down forests and displace communities. Believe me, in this period of time, were we´ve altered every ecosystem in Earth, our daily actions need to be accompanied by conscious desicions, by commitment, not by the easiest way out. Please be a responsible consumer! Both companies and governments will be force to change. We can saved this awesome Planet!!! Thank you so much Rainforest Alliance for inviting me to post the biodiversity of Colombia and encourage nature conservation!
    #RainForestAlliance #FollowTheFrog #conservation #colombia #rainforest #parquesnaturales #amazon

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