Twined with my sista for Thanksgiving. Unplanned and perfect. I love you to the moon and back.
  • mykeltibTwined with my sista for Thanksgiving. Unplanned and perfect. I love you to the moon and back.

  • lizsalzmanYou have the best fam!!!
  • hugzalot92@swtafgrl03 Sunday @ 9 on the east coast
  • swtafgrl03@bcournoyer thanks!
  • swtafgrl03@hugzalot92 thanks!
  • amb3rdawn3I love your guys' bonds you have between you all.
  • gabas_mom19I love all of you, but you are by far my favorite girl! Your beautiful, and I love the sound of your voice. Congrats and stay as sweet as you are! 😘
  • kimberly61When is the wedding
  • blackphillipa2112Let me preface this by saying I'm not a fan. But gold digging what exactly, @gatsby_and_cyndy? Reality tv doesn't pay THAT much and those mortgages cost a pretty penny. There isn't much money left to dig once you spread it out over a family of that size. They are young and silly, and he said something stupid. Good thing all the dumb things that ever came out of your mouth when you were in your late teens/early twenties were never on national television. And maybe his reaction to the backyard wedding was because that's not what SHE wanted? She repeatedly said she wanted a park. These shows are edited and amped up for drama to make them interesting. Her YOUNG fiance may just need to mature like any person of that age. I kind of feel bad for him going on tv like a lamb to the slaughter. He has no experience dealing with it and no idea of what dealing with the public is really like. @mykeltib you'd be wise to make your social media private in case you two said anything else silly this season. You're going to have any old stranger telling you just what they think of you, your husband, and your life without really knowing you and that's a lot to handle for anyone, but it can be really difficult at your age, especially.
  • jennyworksSuper cute. Looks like you've lost weight. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • realitytvexpertWhen's the wedding day? Congrats
  • _healthy_body_healthy_mind@dawn_stephens13 I think the rush is that she probably wants to feel special from ONE man... I think her father does a fantastic job, but realistically, he honestly doesn't have enough time for her each day. So she probably craves that male attention. She's young and a lot of people that age (but not all) like to feel important and special and number one in someone's eyes. I know because I was similar to her. Except I never got married to the first man who was interested. I will make it clear though- I think they have a fantastic family unit, it think kody does a great job but there's not enough time to physically spend time every day with every child.
  • _healthy_body_healthy_mindGood luck with everything @mykeltib do what feels right to you- god will catch you if you fall X
  • nordby007I would say if its love you wil get married soon anyway and enjoy it but family is important and in the end the ones who wil be there no matter what future holds so listen to youre dad and mum advices so you wil have a fantastic wedding and plan it good with some time.Love dont run away love has patience.
  • nordby007But congratulations its great for you to find true love 😻😻
  • _healthy_body_healthy_mind@nordby007 well said!
  • gracie__elizabeth__Congratulations on your engagement!!!! I can't wait for your wedding :)
  • oneredheadmomCan't wait until your wedding this month! So excited! You will be one beautiful bride!
  • nickparrisiCute feet :)
  • _sammannthaaGross wtf @nickparrisi
  • nickparrisiAmazing feet @mykeltib
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