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  • richrollThe outdoors is my mall. Exploring is my shopping. Quietude is my crowd. Moving is my consuming. Breath is my muzak. Well being is my antidote to Black Friday. #BuildTheHouse
    PEDAL THE BIKE - 2hrs
    All aerobic — all Z2 - form and fun
    What did you do today? Leave a comment below with your #WOD
    ✌🏼🌱 - Rich

  • passion8nutritionYoga and 1 hour circuit boot camp. Love that you can be outside I the sun 💕 Will run outside in nature as it's the weekend and no work - whoop! #coldnortheastofengland brrrrr #natureiscalming
  • looneysonyaExplored new trails, hiked my bike through the snow, absorbed sunshine, listened to a few lone birds chirping, and smiled on the downhill!!! 😀🚲👍🏼
  • typicallawrenceLimited on time today so it'll be 90 mins on TrainerRoad for me.
  • typicallawrenceKeep it up @richroll - inspiring stuff
  • studiochina1.5 hour yoga and 0.5 hour walk with my dog
  • hansonfitGreat work rich. Refreshing spin on Black Friday. 'Don't buy upgrades! Ride up grades'
  • atelier90975 minute yoga and an hour walk with my dog.
  • kathryn.a.foster@chrisvandeh2o this is the guy I was telling you about!
  • f18rat4K endurance set at the pool!
  • rach_runs_on_plantsTaught spin for 45 minutes then an hour on the treadmill doing hill repeats.... Then walked home in the freezing fog. Now lying on the sofa with my pups.
  • holcsek90 minutes swimming and 60 minutes running
  • tkuhr_299Love the #thisis50 tag. I'm there in 2 months myself. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • captainbagshot@richroll 40km bike ride 🚴🚴💥💥👊🏼🌿
  • crazyvegankitchenWow!
  • freeclothingcompany👌
  • nicoleshaynes2 mile jog and upper body workout for 30 mins
  • sylveraydaDancing all night 🤓
  • nina.levett6km jog
  • stevenak_How do u like the Franco?
  • jofty1963Gym , freezing run, freezing cold outside shower ( Canada +3C) then badminton with the wife #peace & plants # wimhof 4ever
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