• fameolousent_Update- Check latest post for receipts...
    DM Tip: I made a new account so I can't be traced back but A couple months back when future was in my city we met at his show because it was a small show.
    Then after the show he invited me to where he was staying and he wanted to have unprotected sex so if it was a regular dude I would have said no but I thought because it was future it was okay. After that I woke up to him telling me to wake up and that I need to "get the fuck out" and when I was getting dressed he literally threw money and told me "GO get some plan b RIGHT after this shit" and as I was pullin my shorts up he opened the door and said leave. He then texted me and asked if i got the plan b (tbh I was on birth control so I kept the money only reason I don't have unprotected WITH randos is CUZ idk where they been) and when I said yes he never replied or anything. Now recently he was back in my city and is trying to act all friendly.

    Any advice ?

  • msladymorris@tall_dark_beautiful 😱😱😱😱😱😷
  • jd_is_what_it_isFuck him again..Lmfao!!
  • _issaneek_@n.aaaaj_
  • withlovefrom__@enishasekiu haha
  • i_amjayeI pray these stories are made up! 😩 this whole thing sounds stupid af
  • fabulousjihanAny woman who has unprotected sex with Future doesn't love herself. These chick's need to stop playing Russian Roulette with their pum pum.
  • cremedelacremeshellzShe kept the money so I wonder how much money he threw at her because Plan B doesn't cost no more than $60 🤔🤔
  • caramalbrown@future what's going on here
  • alexxy_85Crazy
  • pretty_wastedNever fuck a nigga raw you not monogamous with that's shit you learn in middle school health classes
  • _iamish_😂
  • eatmybeautyhoe_Advice 😳he literally did nothing to deserve you .... put some worth on yourself & wait for a guy that's going to treat you like a queen ❤️️
  • garden_roseChic out here are crazzzzzy!
  • bewtiful807The fuck u need advice for u already skipped to plan b 😂😂😂😂
  • sneakrjunkie_@srayy
  • goldenone44Stupid
  • karamelbeautykd@beautifulshar
  • loveemy_lipsAlllll the tea @_nicoleisthetopic_
  • cocostarbrownAny advice????! Did she not read what she sent in???! 🤔🤔😐😑
  • shavronstuartShe is a ass
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