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  • talontedlexYesterday the Daily Mail published an article about my rosacea (a version has also appeared in the Mirror and the Sun).
    👍The positives: a huge spike in traffic to my blog along with *so* many emails and new followers sharing their story, asking for advice, and telling me how comforting it is to find someone talking openly about how horrible rosacea can be.
    👎Negatives: the comment section of the DM is a nasty and heartless place. I am not strong enough to read them myself so @lbqblog and @technicallyron summarised for me. People are thoughtless and unkind, even when reading about someone's struggles with a crippling and incurable skin condition.
    👀 This video shows the rosacea flare up that happened last night as a result of the article and accompanying stress. It was the worst flare up I've had in a year and I went to bed feeling utterly miserable. I'm still feeling pretty down today - I'm trying so hard to focus on the people I help rather than the hateful ones, but it's hard when you already feel so self conscious about your appearance. Thank you to everyone who said nice things to me last night - you helped more than you can know. #perfectlyme
    🖐EDIT🖐 - I've had a few questions/comments so here are some clarifications. I didn't pitch the DM and I didn't approve their version of the article. I did a 3rd party interview which was then offered to every newspaper/magazine going. The DM focused on the gluten aspect as it's a buzzword and works well as clickbait. I have never said removing gluten 'cured' my rosacea. I removed gluten from my diet as I'm intolerant and the impact on my skin was just a nice bonus. If you read my blog you'll know I recommend various lifestyle, diet and skincare changes to help you gain control of your rosacea. There is no silver bullet cure. Thank you again to all the people who've offered support and hello to new followers. I promise my Instagram isn't usually this full of drama llamas 🐪 (why no llama emoji?)

  • phoebesophiarussellLit!
  • lesley_webbFollow you on Le Twit (so am familiar with your Rosacea struggle) but just happened across this story here. Sending positivity your way x Glad you've got good folk around you to help at times like this.
  • bkaren72I myself have a similar condition to Rosacea. It's misdiagnosed as Rosacea and I had been told my whole life up u til recently that it was. I have keratosis Pilaris rubra faciaii and I have very similar symptoms to Rosacea so I understand the struggles. Just know that me, as well as many others I'm sure, look up to you for posting about your skin disease. It's very hard for me to publicly talk about mine so I'm very proud of you that you do so. ❤️
  • talontedlex@lipsticklori Thank you so much for your support, *you* are wonderful xx
  • talontedlex@get_lippie Thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear they tried to target you too - I didn't do an interview directly with them, it was with a third party so I had no idea it'd go to the DM... urgh.
  • talontedlex@glinyx Thank you so much x
  • talontedlex@mrslaurarussell Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I didn't read them but the lovely trolls sent me private messages on most social media networks so I couldn't avoid them. Such horrible people.
  • talontedlex@kateag That would be wonderful, they can all be miserable and vile to each other. Thank you for your really kind comment, it means a lot to me x
  • talontedlex@lesley_webb Thank you so much, that's really kind x
  • talontedlex@bkaren72 Thank you for your lovely message. I'm sorry to hear that you struggle with your skin as well. It's very hard to talk about it and show it on here and the blog, but if it helps people then it's worth it (cheesey but true!) x
  • get_lippie@talontedlex oh god, even worse! I'm doing some stuff with the BBC at the moment, I have no doubt the DM will come back out of the woodwork then, too.
  • lem_blogMy mum suffers from it! She has flair ups all the time and it's awful for her! Don't listed to the stupid idiots on DM comments!
  • solovesvintageHaters will hate. Just keep the good work and educate and inform other people. We are just behind 'ya. Try aloe Vera - by the way I am not an aloe Vera wholesale😎 It did wonders to me! During and apply to your face!
  • marthaisabell@talontedlex you are a very beautiful person!! Skin can't change that, I struggle with acne so I understand you and I find you very brave!
  • aurelie85Interesting post @emilieemmaparis
  • kristinevjeSome people are mean on the internet and use anonymity to i make themselves feel better. You're gorgeous, thank you for sharing this!
  • arigador_yogaI think you look beautiful 💜❤
  • n3si.mariaYou are beautiful! I don't see rosacea, I see a carismatic person 💓💝
  • missanly@talontedlex would love to know what skincare products you are using for rosacea
  • mrs_silvicruz13@talontedlex thank you for sharing your struggle since some of us are not strong enough to do it! I struggle with my rosacea everyday and today I feel especially down since I had a flare and was told my makeup line from origins has been discontinued. But the strength you have and seek your pictures give me strength to keep moving forward! Thank you for everything you do! ❤
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