• whatbringsushere“Our hope is our young ones, it’s our children, it’s our babies. But I’m hoping things will change in my lifetime, not in their lifetime. I don’t know. Maybe my work is undoing 500 years of colonization and the harm it’s done to us, my daughter: 300 years, my granddaughter: 100 years.
    Sometimes I’m not sure we’ll fully recover. Sometimes all we can do is pray, that’s all we have. We make those prayers so we don’t feel that hopelessness, that helplessness. .
    People need to go to that spiritual place in order to have some sort of peace of mind. A lot of people don’t understand. Ceremonies do help us, lift us – they carry us to where we need to go.”
    Chickadee Richard
    1990s Bear Clan Co-Founder
    Photo: @karen.asher

  • whatbringsushere

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