Have a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍗🍴Love, L
  • lenadunhamHave a Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍗🍴Love, L

  • sheltonowenyour not moving to canada because when you said it you thought it would have impact which it had zero..now you have to backtrac in order to stay in america to make a handsome living...bottom line..you are liar and had no intentions of moving there...america has plenty like you..phony..that is what you actually are
  • ambergerspacher@kaitlynsmith22
  • ryanmonacelliYour the sexual assaulter. Remember? And by the way it was proven you were never a victim of a sexual assaulter. Remember? Do you realize that every time you open your mouth a big juicy tied falls out, you have diarrhea of the mouth. Do yourself a favor keep your mouth shut! By the way Canada does not want you. But I hear Syria is a pleasant place this time of year. Move!!!!!
  • joeboxerluvAll the celebs had the same mantra because they assumed there wasn't a chance in hell that Trump would win!
  • melissawildcatThis is the most cringeworthy thing I've seen all year
  • bedoflavenderDidn't you molest your sister
  • amysharpphotographyYes yes yes
  • amysharpphotographyThank you for putting your perspective out there. Can you believe I'm just joining the Lena train now? I live under a rock in some ways.
  • o.deathshot@amysharpphotography get out of that train
  • kguinness23@richguinness another
  • lita.margaretplease dont come to Canada. we don't tolerate rape here.
  • anitrabrownThe scariest thing about Trump and his people is how the rile up the hate and anger in me. I like you, I like Hillary, I like the Obamas. I can get furious about the insults, the lies, the desire to hurt. I try to practice patience, which was much easier when I was sure Hillary would win.
  • sunflowervincent"I have a queer family member" is the equivalent of "but i have friends that are black so i can say it" please shut your fucking mouth
  • rjacobherman@sunflowervincent this comment rocks
  • rjacobhermanI didn't even know this person was famous until she made some of the most absurd comments I have ever heard about abortion l
  • rjacobhermanOh and please don't move to canada. There are good people there as well. Move somewhere horrid like maybe Iran
  • word.honeyOkay, but can we have you anyway? - Love, Canada @lenadunham
  • ccapaldi_You diddled your little sister and performed disgusting experiments on her. "Sexual assault survivor"? More like "sexual assault perpetrator".
  • marshall.gibsons@anitrabrown Wait, let me get this straight? The scariest thing, is how angry you respond. You, are the problem.
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