As a good Jewish mother, what will you tell your kids @dear_ivanka when Steve Bannon infects the White House with his anti-Semitic ideologies? #fuckingmeshugganah
  • dear_ivankaAs a good Jewish mother, what will you tell your kids @dear_ivanka when Steve Bannon infects the White House with his anti-Semitic ideologies? #fuckingmeshugganah

  • clairesgilman@dear_ivanka I'm worried my sister and her family will lose their health insurance if the ACA is repealed.
  • chrissiemiller@maxastein @mvf_
  • sanarezwansait@ghiora_aharoni
  • maxastein@carolyntangel
  • hhume@dear_ivanka like you i converted to marry my partner in life and like you i am now a Jewish mother. I will be like Ruth and where my people go, I go. And you? When bannon and spencer say "seig heil," what do you and Jared say to your dad?
  • elizabethlhk@dear_ivanka what DO you tell your children about the man your father chose as his "chief strategist," who wouldn't let his children go to school with yours? Or is that just something the rest of us non billionaires have to deal with?
  • msmsatx@hardet79 @texarchivist y'all see this?
  • texarchivist@msmsatx @hardet79 HA
  • thenamlife@jessicle_
  • asimmshuntDoes @ivankatrump see these?
  • joanampferreiraDear Ivanka, now that you and many others finally got your dad into office, how do you plan on telling your children that their grandad is a racist, mysoginist prick that has 0 regard for women, black people, non-christian religious groups, latinos, and so many others?
  • claud645Don't forget pussy grabber
  • bill_shanahanDear Ivanka, I think your child will be smart enough to use the internet and figure out that the anti semitism charge against Steve Bannon is based on a blog written by David Horowitz, a Jewish man.
  • bill_shanahan@joanampferreira this is the dear Ivanka account. Did you mean to post to dear Chelsea?
  • bill_shanahanDear Ivanka, when your child reads how Hillary referred to a Jewish man as an Jew bastard, will you explain how nobody seemed to care about that?
  • joanampferreira@bill_shanahan If you don't like his account or think differently of what people say here, stop wasting your time commenting pictures or tagging people just to get a reaction out of them.
  • lelabraver@joanampferreira freedom of speech my dear. Each has a right to comment. And this account is rude. Targeting a mom just because she's the presidents daughter. Outright racist
  • msjessmcRude and racist are two very different things @lelabraver. Disagreeing with someone, or vocalizing discontent with someone's beliefs, particularly when the person WILL play an active role in the administration is part of our democratic process... it isn't racism. I stand by that for both sides of the aisle, but unfortunately many Trump supporters feel no shame in racist rhetoric.
  • lelabraver@msjessmc if you are saying that Trump supporters are racist, what is this liberal account? Not racism ? And has Ivanka ever been a racist? No. And yes, in both parties their is racism going on, even if the liberals cannot face or admit it. And it depends on each individual itself to either target people like Ivanka or just let live, and be happy 😊
  • niftyscissors@bill_shanahan did she?
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