• glitternswirlsTejal suggested I try rainbow hair! This was tough. I couldn't figure out where the shadows and highlights go while keeping track of all the colours! 😂🙈 Since a couple of you asked me to add a detailed description of what I did, here you go! I used Elsa since she had a chunky braid and I needed space to color since this is my first time adding more than 3-4 colours to hair.
    I hope you guys like it, the blue seems a bit brighter here than it is. I went with a neutral colour for the background and her sparkly dress. Spent quite some time on her face since it was just bland. Added highlights and shadows to create some cheekbones, added depth around her eye area and mouth.
    But still I did mess up the light source, which I tried to fix and I'm hoping you don't catch my mistakes! 😂👽 #thedailymarker30day #pencilcoloring #fabercastellclassic #fabercastell #colorpencils #rainbowhair #elsa #frozen #disney

  • jamieruthpAmazing!!! 😍😍😍
  • penelope_bee_bearThis is terrific!!🎨🎨😄👏🏻👏🏻🐝🐻
  • lcyoung65WOW!!!!!
  • kellihorgerSo gorgeous!!! Love it! Great shirt too! 👏🏻😍
  • threeroomstudioI know everyone else has said this, but WOW!!!
  • sheriwitthoftLove those sparkles!!
  • bloomingcrafts_handmadeAmazing
  • theunpamperedstamperI love how you colored her dress. Amazing 😍😍
  • flairgirl86Love the dress color n hair
  • bunnydobbieMy girlfriend sees this and she's going to want rainbow hair! Fabulous work!
  • deeptistephens❤️🙀
  • juhikhannaStunning!!!! Showed it to my daughter, she loves Elsa's new look!
  • ladyspectrumThis is amazing!!!!!
  • pegasongBeautiful hair! What talent!
  • crazycardladyOmg!! Where have I been? And how did I miss this??? This is incredible ❤️
  • kovshanova_artVery beatiful!!!😻
  • beennaz16Can u plz tell me what u prefer for colour blending and what is that white sparkly thing is it a gel pen ?
  • glitternswirls@beennaz16 I blend with pencils only. And yes a white gel pen.
  • beennaz16Okay thanku :) you are so talented masha Allah
  • tacmail1My prisma pencils don't do THAT!!! Haha um operator issue me thinks! Really, this is stunning pencil work!
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