• a1delatorreOkay okay okay let's talk really fast about this mascara by @viviennesabo_us , Cabaret Premiere in 01 Black! I'm not super picky with mascara anymore since I'm a falsie wearer but believe me when I say this has made me put down what I was using before and rock my natural lash. I love how the brush makes it easy to keep the lashes separated but coats them so effortlessly! If you're interested in the brand and how it started I'll leave some info for you down below! You can find more info about the mascara and see some Cabaret-inspired looks on their website, viviennesabo.com/us! The mascara is available for purchase on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LYSCW6Z ✨ .
    " Vivienne Sabo is a high-quality, affordable French cosmetics brand that's just making its debut into the U.S. market. The brand is based on a real woman, Vivienne Sabo, that lived in Paris in the 1930s-- Vivienne studied chemistry, fell madly in love with her fellow student, and created cosmetics that emulate the themes of love, beauty, and Paris; our goal is to spread her message to makeup lovers across the U.S. Currently, Vivienne Sabo's Cabaret Mascara is available for purchase on Amazon; the brand will have an increased product line in retail stores and on their website later in 2017." #mascara #viviennesabo #paris

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  • mayravinuezaDo your lashes hold a curl??
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