• pupsonparMy @embarkvet DNA test results are in and I am:..
    22.4% Australian Cattle Dog
    19.0% Beagle
    14.6% Rottweiler
    10.9% Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    13.3% German Shepherd Dog
    19.8% Supermutt .
    To read more about my results click the link in our bio! (The shareable link in our bio shows the breed results part of the test. The genetic diseases that Embark tests for remain private ) Stay tuned for Lucys results! .
    @embarkvet is not your average DNA test.  Its a whole lot more. It test for all of the following :
    Accurate Breed Mix 
    Family Tree 
    Drug Sensitivity 
    Heart Disease Risk 
    Over 160 Genetic Diseases 
    Adult Weight 
    Genetic Aging
    @Dognition and @embarkvet have launched a NEW dog research study linking genetics and behavior. .
    They are now offering for a limited time only (offer ends November 24th), a special bundle deal consisting of Embark's Dog DNA Test and a Dognition annual membership for $199! Thats a $79 discount! If you're an existing customer, they have a special deal for you too! .
    When you take part in this study, You will learn about your dog's physical health, breed, and mind (thinking & cognitive style). You won't be able to get all this information about your fur baby anywhere else for this price!

  • cathyrisco💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😙😙
  • lolabellenycDid you have a different idea of your ancestry? Where you surprised?
  • birdysandafurryThat is so cool Emily! You are very unique!😘😘❤️
  • practicallyperfectineveryway_And 100% adorable!
  • rudyharleydapperduoI definitely see the beagle!!! The others are interesting as well! You're so pawfect🐶😘
  • idge.pidgeWe are gonna be doing a contest here in a bit to guess what breed Idgie is ...can't wait for the results!
  • eclaireisabearHow amazing ‼️ I am just blown away with all this new knowledge/technology that can even detect what breed we are 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Well, I sure love what you're made of Emily ❤️ Even though you don't have any Yorkie in ya 😂😂😂
  • venning7Interesting 😂
  • papi_the_cute_chihuahuaNo chihuahua? 😳
  • ted_gramWow super cool!! Great mix!! I was hoping that you had some poodle too! Everyone needs some poodle. 👊🏼 @papi_the_cute_chihuahua 💙
  • polar_poochWoo hoo. Part Aussie 😂👍🏼
  • spike_charlie_louie😂😂😂 Super Mutt 😂😂👊 that's awesome
  • pupsonpar@spike_charlie_louie 😂😂😂 Im so mixed I have super powers 💪💪😂😂😂
  • paytons_place_What a fantastic mix! I might have to have momma do this test on me
  • sonny_ray_our_labradorThis is amazing your parents grandparents great grandparents definitely got it right ... 👍👏👏👏 because you are just beautiful
  • lunatheunidogHahaha lovely 💜 My DNA : Husky, Boston terrier, and 1% malamute Hahaha
  • happy_havaneseWow! Love the supermutt! ❤️😄
  • beausybearSupermutt!!! 👍🏼❤️😆
  • jackthespringerWow you got everything in you darling , this is very interesting you know I was born in Wales near Pembroke 😊👍
  • 2pawsup_This is awesome!! You are beautiful and unique Emily!! Love you sweetheart!!😘❤️
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