Dear Ivanka, I'm an American Muslim and I was attacked on the subway
  • dear_ivankaDear Ivanka, I'm an American Muslim and I was attacked on the subway
  • hannahrmotleyDear Ivanka, my mom is an undocumented immigrant and has to clean that desk for less than minimum wage. Please remove your feet.
  • lakejulieryanDear Ivanka, the soles of your shoes are so white! How do you keep them so white and walk like other people at the same time? (On the ground)
  • encyclopedia_browneThis is great! But...Why aren't you tagging her?
  • nicolascissors@dear_ivanka my Asian-American friend told me that the day after the election someone got in her face while she walked through the supermarket parking lot with her four year old demanding to know 'what country are YOU from?'. She got back in her car and left because she didn't feel safe.
  • hiba_schahbazI am American Muslim and walking down the streets is like starring in The Walking Dead
  • scottcalhoun@ivankatrump @dear_ivanka All the creatures of our nightmares are right here, right now
  • the.snazziest@krissyb2014 thought you would like this account
  • mikefailin@hrynny thiiiiis
  • hugoels444Well Done Ivanka For You supported your Dad so well during the election you are a girl after my Heart Kind Regards,Hugo
  • stephanecalais😎
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