Dear Ivanka, I've been raped and I need to have an abortion
  • dear_ivankaDear Ivanka, I've been raped and I need to have an abortion

  • janehhhhhh@justin.sears
  • brionnudarosch@ivankatrump every single woman I know is terrified? Do you have any advice? How are you coping?
  • mastergia@samressler
  • casey2335Gosh that's awful
  • lindseyfrazier@dear_ivanka If this is true, know you aren't alone and your story matters. I hear you, and I am so so sorry. Please let me help, and please don't abort just yet. You are loved.
  • beaunewcombDon't abort? You're asking this woman to carry a child from a rape? Do you have any idea how absolutely insane that sounds?
  • 1luckyfucky@beaunewcomb you can abort what.. Only after a certain number of weeks then you can't
  • raccoonandcat@dear_ivanka I used to think you were pretty, but now when I see you I am only filled with terror and sadness.
  • nunuhola@IvankaTrump
  • danadaeche@ivankatrump please speak up for all of the women in this country who are fearful of what your father will do. Women have a right to decide what is best for their bodies. You father does not have a right to decide that for women.
  • fernandez_judithjazStop with you bullshet. I was reap, and i have my child, why you would ponish the unborn child for some one else. Of course You using some else name to give your opinión we'll your opinion is not every woman so dont make song like it Ivanka is wrong, you have no sence of humanity when you thing the is right to kill a baby just couse is inside the woman. I was rape and i have the child when i was 16, guess what that child is betther then you and many ways. Guess what everychild life matter.
  • backlavish@fernandez_judithjaz Guess what? That was a great choice for you but we shouldn't silence those women who cannot bear to make the same choice you did. The point isn't which choice to make. The point is to HAVE a choice at all... Unlike you did with being raped. You shouldn't be subjected to being forced into submission again after having already been raped. It's inhumane to assume you are right to make a choice for someone else.
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