{long post} How many colours in a brick wall? A Christmas project in the works meant I got to order the last 5 colours of @virtual_yarns Alice Starmore Hebridean 2-ply: now I have all 36 colours in my stash. I do knit with AS yarn, but I also regard playing with it as a legitimate leisure activity. I thought I might give my playing some direction by trying to match yarn palettes to photographs, although it is *really* hard to capture those subtle, glorious colours accurately (all knitters know this pain, right?!) and the short daylight hours don't make it any easier. But if you like them, I'll try to do some more of these, in the spirit of both the @knitsonik system and @silverpebble2's #makingwinter project - a simple way to have fun with craft and nature during the dark cold months, and to enjoy my stash even when I'm short of time for knitting. If anyone else wants to play, how about we call it #yarnimitateslife?
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