• psimonmywayYou want me to be honest? Life is tough here. I keep writing about my experiences in Israel like it's all rainbows and unicorns but let me tell you that IT'S NOT EASY TO BE IN ISRAEL. I think that goes for anywhere else in the world. I didn't say this is the best place in the world to live in. In fact, there are no places in the world that can be labeled best. It's up to you, wherever you choose to live in this world. No job opportunities? Create it. You want a better traffic system? Create it. You want parking to be easy? Create it. You have an idea in mind? Put it to life and create it. Last week was too overwhelming for me. It was still hard to believe that I am making a life here, creating relationships, having neighbours you can share meals with, going to a bar where everyone addresses you with the first name, etc. These are all new to me. I never had this in a long time. I always come and go. My line of work is not also recognised here which made everything more difficult. I was in shock. But I asked myself: "am I willing to do what I need to do in order for this to work? Do I still have the energy and heart to love and accept everything that is happening around me? Above all, am I still happy here?" The answer was YES. All the time, YES. 100% YES. It really is true. Life is what YOU make of it. #TelAviv #TrishaVxIsrael #Israel #VibeIsrael

    Photo 📸: @giladmashiah

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  • louiselunday_Well said ❤
  • ohitsjeanI feel you! 💛
  • mirin_gainzzMirin😎
  • bangsbucketlistI think in one way or another, everyone of us who's moved to another country felt that way in the beginning. But in the end we adapt to the new environment and enjoy our new life! :-)
  • psimonmyway@ajfernando Sending you back the love. ✨ Thank you so much for always reading!
  • psimonmyway@mariaadrian0 What??!! What am I doing, Maria Morena?
  • mariadrian0Lagi mo ko pinupush kahit di for me yung mga pinopost mo! I miss talking to you, love!
  • softcoreprawnTel Aviv and Israel in general is so hard. It's so much work to simply not get yelled at by the bus driver or take every "nu??" personally. It's so hard to daily reconcile how flavorful your life is so close to such suffering in the occupied territories. But something about all that work makes so much more possible. Something about the closeness to trauma, present and historical, allows you to live what life you have even fuller. There is only true freedom in constraints. 🌺
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  • baklaynagiboMazeltov
  • sbillikBeautiful! Good for you
  • marcelafaeawesome feed =D
  • itschame_thingYou always inspires my soul. ❤
  • comeinwavesLove this, love you! Live to create.
  • psimonmyway@itschame_thing Sending love your way!
  • psimonmyway@augustineparedes I love you too ❤️
  • roxyvespaYou are certainly not alone with these feelings. Once you know that, adapting starts and proceeds. Lovely photos from here. Lovely words as well. Hope you find your space here. 💓💓💓
  • mieadiariesIngat lage, trish! 😊 God bless!
  • oliviacherbit❤👌👏
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