• vladamuaReally @kyliecosmetics?
    Haven't you gotten enough 'inspiration' from me already?
    Left is a the work @juliakuzmenko, @brittrafuson and I shot a few months ago and right is @kyliecosmetics new campaign.

  • massaadralphThe ones of kylie are better @kyliecosmetics
  • dai.si3Omg @emcaslli you need to lighten up for one not all her fans are 9 two she's hasent reconstructed her entire face three no one 'worshippes' her four your your saying you have never copied anyone before five wtf she is not unoriginal when have you ever seen anyone like her before six how do you no she has never done a good deed and seven no one wants your opinion or they would ask for it !!!!!💣💭
  • dai.si3Oh and @emcaslli Kylie's version is way better 😋
  • emcaslli@dai.si3 lmao i don't recall asking for your opinion and thanks for proving my point :)
  • celena._.klol why is this such a big deal
  • cparkingprivatehonestly the people who are defending Kylie need to get a freaking life. Kylie copied this artists artwork multiple times but you Kylie fans think that Kylie was a freaking genius for coming up with her "original ideas" smh honestly if you guys think that Kylie's looks better then you clearly don't understand art and innovation. Stop praising that fake plastic Barbie doll and give this artist some creds for sticking up for herself
  • karodrawsxHahhahaah omg
  • zigisreal.... Lol @itsgigizayn_
  • dai.si3Wtf it's not my opinion it's a fact 😋@emcaslli
  • emcaslli@dai.si3 excuse me you need to take some basic grammar lessons, maybe when you get to the 2nd grade you'll understand
  • dai.si3Stop fretting about how much you think Kylie is a fake or unoriginal because seriously I'm not defending her btw but y'all are saying you've have never copied anyone before, I doubt it 😂😇
  • dai.si3I'm in 9th grade actually and why do I need grammar lessons ? I'm top set English and second graders probably don't even know who Kylie Jenner is !!! @emcaslli
  • abbyshoeewkylies is better tbh
  • abbyshoeewits not that original of an idea
  • berryistheflashKylies looks better so shut up🙏🏽
  • oceannasvanityYou guys do realize that kyliecosmetics team DID steal a few of her pictures AND got in trouble for it lol look it up. Educate yourselves before looking silly♡
  • ashleyfutrell00I hope you're still suing I see that she uploaded 2 pics of your work that isn't good enough. Sue her for big bucks and make her change her logo
  • whetgainzWho ever is still defending Kylie, y'all are fucken idiots. Most of y'all are in middle school, what are y'all doing here making spam accounts? Go back to elementary and learn how to write a proper sentence instead of being on your phones. 💅🏼
  • pop.tart.picsIt's ok just never give up😂
  • __hawaiifive0__Sue her. And all of you saying Kylie's looks better, that doesn't justify Kylie stealing the idea without giving credit. Just use your brain (that is if you have one) 😊✌🏻️
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