We're gonna have some fun this Advent and Christmas! @illustratedcm #advent #coloringposter #comethoulongexpectedjesus
  • ricshewellWe're gonna have some fun this Advent and Christmas! @illustratedcm #advent #coloringposter #comethoulongexpectedjesus

  • illustratedcmThis is exciting! So how are you all using them for Advent?
  • ricshewell@illustratedcm we printed duplicates, during the weekly ministries we'll have everyone get in on coloring a panel, then on each Sunday of Advent, we'll replace an undone panel with a colorful one. Hopefully the slow change from B&W to color will help create a greater anticipation for Christmas!
  • ricshewellWe're also following the themes of the posters for our lessons: wisdom, strength, love, and peace! Thanks and amazing work!
  • illustratedcm@ricshewell love it! Where did you get the tall candle one printed?
  • illustratedcmAnd what church do you serve?
  • ricshewellGot it printed at a printshop called alpha graphics. Every print was less than $7. We're at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Idaho Falls, ID
  • fouadtolaibVery nice
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