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  • aetvDecide for yourself. @leahremini: #ScientologyTheAftermath is all-new tonight at 10/9c.

  • energiahealth1@vegan__vida this is called #evidentiary in law... US congress needs to be forced by its people to become involved... #savelives #saveminds #stopthecult David Miscavige is Hitler reborn
  • only1kristynaThis show is beyond excellent. Can't believe the crimes they are getting away with! Why no charges filed? Thank you @leahremini for speaking out. I'm sure your voice with be heard by so many who are begging, crying on the inside to break free. May the power that reigns high light your path and theirs. Peace and Truth is freedom.
  • lbrems05So grateful for this show. What can we do to help put a stop to this cult? They are hurting people. @leahremini
  • m_barletta1018Need more than 8 episodes, I am hooked on this show. Im obsessed, keep em coming
  • _shelbaeeeeBest show keep the episodes coming !!!!
  • kmariebwThis show is so enlightening. Thank you to Leah, Mike, and A&E for highlighting Scientology and offering a platform for all of the survivors to share their stories. I really hope you are not done after only one season!
  • noone803443xGirl if my leader of my church beat me or family up smh bet ur azzz ima fight back Lol ugh I'm all caught up with the latest episode Lol
  • angiebattsoncLeah, You have my supports. Screw you scientology!
  • dannydicesareSeason 2 please
  • karmas_kreaturesAmazing show...it riveting . THANK YOU
  • de_freitas_lisaSo glad that the " KKK white power docuseries" has been cancelled. Whenever the commercials would appear I wanted to punch my TV lol
  • bibby_lizExpose those lunatics an do something to help those that want to get out but are too afraid, or don't want to lose their families please!
  • bushmenandcoThis is great
  • mtcnbdogsScifientology, created by a crazy Scifi writer.
  • amys_way_naturallyThis is interesting. L Ron Hubbards own son has similar things to say YEARS ago. https://youtu.be/Mi6aTe6T5LE
  • vickyw007Amazing show keep up your fight ! They should not be labeled a church. Churches should be helping to create Love & community that supports family not dividing them. So sorry you & everyone else had to learn this by experiencing it through their horrible actions towards you & them!
  • jewelsannbrownFascinating series! I believe and only experienced Scientoloy once. Was at an event in Atlanta...invited by friends. Raised a strong Christian I was one picked out of the crowd to defend my religion. Left feeling like I need a shower!
  • kateyjay808@leahremini I adore you and love how you've adapted all the years of "can torture" to do what the teachings of Scientology and attack them as they have attacked you so unmercifully! By asking everyone to learn about this insidious cult and to form their own opinion is beyond fabulous because YOU are encouraging folks to use the brain God has given each of us and decide for ourselves!
  • kateyjay808@leahremini Keep fighting the fight by bringing it to their doorstep and don't back down! As @rindermike said so eloquently, what that animal who refers to himself as the "POPE of Scientology" (I just refer to him as that "miserable-savage" as a play on his name lol) and his little underlings who turn a blind eye to the atrocities that take place, fears most is have the world (and his followers) is to be exposed. You've done that with Season 1 of the #scientologytheaftermath series. Keep on them by doing even more with a Season 2!!! You have more supporters than you realize!!!! You, Mike, all the others who showed immense courage to come forward as well as your Production team and #A&ETV. Remember this when you have those creeping feelings and possibly wonder if you're doing enough and whether it matters. As a huge supporter and fan I say with 100% certainty that you've already impacted so many with many thousands more will come to realize the truth! Mahalo and Aloha!!!!!!! Kathie👍🙏👏✌️👍
  • alexandrugrauroho
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