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  • koenigseggautomotiveAlongside Midsummer, the ancient Lucia celebration on the 13th of December represent one of the foremost cultural traditions in Sweden, with a clear reference to darkness and light, cold and warmth. As the name implies Lucia was a girl. However, at Koenigsegg this year’s Lucia real name was Nathanael and his side kick was another mythical figure – Spiderman...The guys in the back are called Star Boys – representing the clear starry winter skies of Sweden – and no – they have nothing to do with any klan in the southern parts of the US! Just another day at work😉 #koenigsegg #luciatåg #weird #tradition

  • mike5899He's not kkk he's a dunce
  • alexanderlarselisHahaha. Spindelmannen med på ett hörn. Hahahahhahha
  • theinfamouspq@williamfalk_ spinderman som tärna 😂
  • baz.8Wish I could work for such an awesome company. Here in the US most don't care about their employees, instead they exploit and torment them, like where I work they keep saying profits are higher and higher yet we work more and more with nothing in return, no overtime, no bonus, no recognition.
  • lamborghiniks🙈
  • david.l.officialLol Swedish KKK??? 😅😂
  • ja_du_vet_eliSå roligt
  • lamborghiniks@koenigseggautomotive - If you have to qualify that you're not part of a religious hate group in a post, that post is probably best left unposted. Also, as a customer of yours from the southern tip of the state that is the furthest south in the US, I do not care for the wording you used to describe said hate group. I do not find any jokes about hate and persecution to be funny at all with all that goes on in the world today.
  • ati_laszlo@lamborghiniks I don't get it...is there something in the States that has something to do with what they are singing or doing?Just googled star boys but didn't find anything offensive or as such..could you please explain?thank you
  • zharkan16jr1@ati_laszlo Koenigsegg meant the KKK I believe and @lamborghiniks found that inappropriate... but Lamborghini dude... calm down please 😕 and @koenigseggautomotive just try to refrain from using that again
  • ati_laszlo@zharkan16jr1 I listened to this, read the description a few times, and I still don't get it how did we end up talking about The Klan amd why did KS get so mad...because Koenigsegg used the word Klan?What does Santa Lucia have to do with KKK?
  • ati_laszlo@zharkan16jr1 for me this video has nothing to do with racism and hatred
  • ati_laszlo@zharkan16jr1 it's because they wear all white everything?
  • zharkan16jr1@ati_laszlo they said "-and no- they have nothing to do with any loan in the southern part of the US!"
  • zharkan16jr1@ati_laszlo KS Lives in the southern part and he found it disrespectful and silly that they had to clarify that they aren't part of a religious hate group on a post
  • lamborghiniksThis is an automotive manufacturer page not a teenage boy or girl's personal page.
  • ati_laszlo@zharkan16jr1 I get it now....yeah, too shame that it went this way...I searched for the KKK and just saw they have pretty much the same outfit, so now I get it why Koenigsegg wanted to clarify that, but it still backfired on them...they should simply delete the post, but thanks on the info man
  • zharkan16jr1@ati_laszlo well if u scroll up KS put a monkey covering his face 2 weeks ago then he came back and left this huge post...
  • nicola_innoAlso in the north-east of Italy and in Sicily we celebrate it!
  • superyachts_onlyWhat the fuck is that post...
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